Class Reviews

“So easy, so tasty, so much fun. I cant wait to do it myself. Thank you so very much Madhu!!” Sally G.

“Great experience. Learnt so much which I can put into practice. More than just a cooking demonstration – a lot of practical knowledge for life” Jenny W.

“Wonderful – fantastic food. Clearly explained, easy to follow recipes and great atmosphere. Thank you!” Lucia H.

“What a wonderful experience, most enjoyable. Thank you!” Lou Ellen O.

“Well I have some VERY good news for you. Last night I cooked my very first Indian meal - thanks to you - and the whole family just loved it. In fact my husband, who is quite a conservative eater, liked it so much that he requested that I do it again for a dinner party I am having next week. Miracles do happen my dear. I cooked the Shahi Paneer but used chicken (I'll never cook it the old way ever again!), Vegetables in Coconut Curry (sublime), Dal (wished I'd prepared twice as much!), basmati rice, raita (they couldn't have enough) and pappadums. I dished it all up in separate bowls so they could see it all on the table and I was able to describe everything. So colourful too. I spent the day doing it all as I wanted to do it well and yes you are right, it was very easy and the smells - my sons were salivating all day! We had a great time round the table and you could definitely feel the love!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best wishes” Sally G.

“I had a great time and truly loved the food – a taste sensation!” Natasha H.

“I had a wonderful time on Friday, in fact when I came home my 21 year old son was looking through the recipes, he was very keen with the butter chicken equivalent. I said to him that if he went down to the supermarket and got the ingredients I would make it for dinner. He did, and I did. It was a great success with the whole family. I also made the puffed bread, it was also a great success. Thank you very much!” Lou Ellen O.

“Thank you so much. I enjoyed it very much and learnt so much with your knowledge and I'm sure it is going to change the way I think about food, which I think is a wonderful thing for you to have achieved. So thank you!” Kalie H.

“Madhu, thanks so much for a wonderful cooking experience. It was a delight and great pleasure to see another very talented cook share their wealth of experience and passion for cooking with others. I knew my little daughter would love the pakodas, but I was delighted when my son (the picky eater) enjoyed it as well” Feliza T.

“Thank you for the great cooking class. Not only did we learn lots, but we also had a great feast for lunch” Rika S.

“Thank you so much for Sunday Madhu, we really enjoyed your class, especially the eating! I have bought all the ingredients for the chick pea curry, and we will be having that tomorrow night for dinner, cant wait. Thanks again for a wonderful day!” Jessica

“Fantastic fun. Great cooking tips. Food was delicious. Inspirational. Thank you!” Meredith R.

“Thank you so much for a very informative and wonderful cooking lesson and lunch!” Viriginia A.

“Dear Madhu, I'm writing to let you know how very much I enjoyed your cooking class. It was a great experience and not only did I learn a lot, it was just so much fun. I used to be totally put off by all the ingredients that appeared to go into Indian cooking, however, once you explained that it was more or less of the same spices on the whole, then it was just a breeze. So simple, quite economical with amazing results. I much appreciated your enthusiasm and the way in which you took each of us under your wing from the moment we arrived. You made sure that each of us 'got it' before passing on to the next recipe. The health tips you gave us, handed down by your inspirational grandmother were also an added bonus. I like the way you included these in with your recipes in a folder for each of us to take home. We all enjoyed the mini banquet at the end and I can highly recommend your classes to anyone interested in cooking healthy Indian food without having too much time to spare” Marlene H.

“The only way I could describe Madhu's special cooking classes is alchemy of flavours and aromas that entice all your senses to the point you believe you're in an Indian kitchen. Classes are individually crafted to bring you not only a holistic and hands on culinary experience, but the richness and wisdom of India culture.You will be enchanted by Madhu's intimate knowledge of Indian philosophy, Ayurvedic approach and the specific medicinal qualities of spices and herbs.The Indian dishes are authentic, simple, nourishing and practical to satisfy the appetite and sooth the soul. Madhu's classes deepen your Indian cooking repertoire and the beautiful visual display of the banquet that follows each class is a feast for your eyes.” Peita Croft & Marian Mc Naught.

“Really enjoyable - I feel I have learnt a lot about using spices and herbs in Indian style cooking. I will definitely use the recipes and will try to be more adventurous in my cooking of vegetable dishes especially.” Wendy A.

“Madhu's Cooking Classes are an exceptional tantalising experience mixing the traditional and authentic cooking traditions passed down from generations through her grandmother down to our modern present day cooking techniques. This is not your average cooking class - Madhu has been inspired by visions of her late grandmother beckoning her to share her passions and talents which have been passed down for centuries, with you. This is a unique and unforgettable experience which will convince you to embrace Vegetarianism with a new gusto. Madhu is the perfect chef to instil confidence and bring out the talent in you. Come and be inspired by her and experience it for yourself.” Jana C.

“Easy to follow, hands on and absolutely delicious food. Thank you Madhu.” Christine C.

“So wonderful, thankyou for your kindness and goodness. Very inspirational.” Kim T.

“Very informative, atmosphere is very relaxed and food tasted sensational.” Paul G.

“Really enjoyed the class. Learnt so much about spices and how to use them. This will be the beginning of my venture into Indian cooking at home. I am sure the family will love it. Many many thanks Madhu.” Jeanette A.

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