About Ma Indian Cooking Classes

Ma's cooking courses have evolved as a result of my passion for cooking & compassion for life. I have loved & enjoyed cooking since I was a little girl & have had generations of knowledge passed down from my mother & grandmother. Fruits & vegetables were home grown & when cooked with simplicity & love, tasted divine. For me, cooking is therapeutic, a form of yoga & a celebration of life which must be shared.

In Indian Vedic literature it is said “Annam Brahman”, which means “Food is God”. Indian cooking is derived from Ayurvedic principles, which is an ancient science of life. Ayurvedic knowledge was passed down by the sages of India some five thousand years ago, & its principles are time tested & universally applicable. Ayurveda emphasizes the link between our diet & our physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. When diet is used consciously to balance the body & mind, food becomes beneficial & good for us. These essential elements of health are incorporated in our classes.

Begin your journey into healthy & delicious cuisine with Ma Indian Cooking Classes.