Join us and experience the diversity of Indian culture through the exotic flavours of Indian Cuisine. Submerge yourself in the joy of cooking, sharing and eating delicious food in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Ma Indian Cooking courses represent a passion for cooking and compassion for life. They are designed to equip you with the skills to create vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine that is delicious, wholesome, and fresh. We demystify the complexities of spices and ingredients, making Indian cooking simple yet absolutely delicious. Our classes provide practical hands-on cookery balanced with an insightful understanding of the benefits of Indian cuisine and its relationship to good health. At the end of each class, relax as you enjoy a scrumptious feast, leaving both your palate and appetite immensely satisfied.

Ma Indian cooking courses provide you with the ultimate culinary experience. Begin your journey by choosing from any of our delicious classes